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Managing litigation related documents for clients can be a monumental task for law firms. Consequently, many law firms choose to scan and code their clients’ paperwork so that they can manage documents electronically rather than waste hours thumbing through paperwork.

Electronic litigation documents can be coded and paginated so that they are searchable by fields such as author, title, date, document type, Bates number, etc. Key words that are important to the case, can be highlighted wherever they appear throughout the document. Consistently-indexed digital content enables organisations to retrieve information easily whenever they require it.

Legal scanning, data capture, pagination (Bates Numbering), book marking and coding are time consuming, labour-intensive tasks that are ideal to outsource. Outsourcing litigation scanning removes labour issues because manpower can easily be scaled up or down as required for a particular project.

Legal Scanning
HarrisBPO will collect the documents from our clients in paper format if required. All litigation scanning is conducted on high speed scanners from our head office in Slough so the original documents can be returned within 48 hours. The scanned images are then sent to our operations department for coding and data capture.

Legal Coding
Around fifty thousand scanned images can be coded each day by trained operators.

Keyword tagging (OCR)
If clients require it, HarrisBPO can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to make the documents fully word searchable. Key words relevant to the case can then be tagged and highlighted within the documents wherever they appear. OCR scanning can be conducted in any language.

Final load files and document repository
Digital load files can be delivered for uploading to all major litigation support packages or document management systems. HarrisBPO can also host a document repository on the client’s behalf if this service is required.

Many law firms already have their own litigation support or document management software in-house and our files can be uploaded into any of these systems. However, if required, HarrisBPO can offer the whole solution and will custom-build a document management software solution to suit our clients’ needs.

Free Legal Scanning Trial
There is no catch if you want to see the quality of our litigation scanning and coding service. We will scan, digitise, code and index 100 pages for free with no obligation for you to continue with our litigation scanning service. Please contact us to discuss your legal scanning requirements.

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